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We will make your sofa exactly as you want it; the size, style and fabric of your choice. The price only varies depending on the fabric you choose but we've kept that simple too; all fabrics sit in one of four price bands.

All 2 seat sofas £1630-£1930, All 3 seat sofas £2000 - £2420, All 2.5 seat sofas £1815-£2175, Armchairs £1150-£1390

You can Call us, email or pop into the showroom to tell us more. Or you can look through our Sketchbook, Gallery and Fabric Room for a bit of inspiration first.


Fabric Room

Browse top name fabrics in The Fabric Room.

Sofa Beds

Most of our sofa designs are available in a sofabed option too. Find out more.

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Tell Us What You Want

Creating your unique sofa design is really simple, just tell us the size, style and fabric you want. You can call us, email or visit to tell us what you want. Or you can play with this three step menu to develop your ideas (when you hit "Submit" we will get right back in touch).

Decide what size sofa you want

We will also make to measure!

3 Seat     2.5 Seat     2 Seat     Arm Chair

Select the style you would like

Look through the Sketchbook and Gallery for ideas.

Choose your fabric

Browse in the fabric room or work to a budget by picking a price band

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Fill out your details and we'll contact you to finalise your order.

If you're having trouble deciding which fabric or style of sofa to order, one of our team will be in touch to help you create the perfect sofa or chair for you.